You are about to start the Multiphase metering course.

Target group:
Personnel who works or are going to work with multiphase metering.
Learning goals:
After completing this course, a participant will have some understanding of three phase flows, measurement methods and applications in multiphase metering of hydrocarbons.
To get full benefit from the course, it is expected that the participant has a basic process understanding and general technical knowledge. The participant should also have completed the e-course in Measurement Techniques or its equivalent.
Completion time:
Average completion time for the course is about 60 minutes.

This course can be launched in two different ways. One where you can jump around freely, using the material as a reference guide or getting a refreshment on a topic. This mode does not contain a final assessment, and you will not receive a diploma after finishing.

Alternatively, you can launch the course with guided progress throughout. You can not skip ahead, but you can go back and repeat parts of the course. When the course material is finished, you will be given a final assessment, and a diploma can be printed.

The course contains sound, so you will need speakers/headphones.

The course was developed by Atlantia as for NFOGM 2005.

Jump freely without assessment

Start with guided progress and assessment